February 21, 2020

#1087 Keeping Lives Separate

Many people out there that like to keep 'friendship' out of the connection with a partner.

Some people never change, no matter how much they try to hide who they are. It's ok..... Karma is a super bitch and I'm always going to speak my peace on your ways so that my daughter knows what I think about you. I pray my daughter never becomes what you are- That's why I keep her away from your world. I speak my truth from what I see and hear- nothing more. 

February 20, 2020

#1085 You Gotta Work For It

Baby Jas has to realize that not taking school serious isn't about her being a good student, but instead is about learning responsibility and being accountable for your efforts in the future.

February 19, 2020

#1084 Can’t Please Everyone

Daily reminders that no matter how perfect or great you are, there is someone out there that has something bad to say about you. Live your life as you deem fit. 

February 18, 2020

#1083 Bratty Child

Just ranting about shit. Post football season. 

Men -Fathers in particular- consistently fail to understand that there is a HUGE difference between being a good father and a responsible father. 

February 12, 2020

#1081 Moving On Too Fast???

Holy Moly! I am so astonished at times seeing the expedited pace people enact when moving on from one relationship to another.

February 11, 2020

#1080 Women Vs Women

I see it all the time in work and in dating/social circles- women put pressure on each other to compete for a person, and for their own self esteem/self worth.

Interesting how the information outlets have become very bias and driven to shock or alert, instead of sticking to the facts. 

While most people fear ending up alone, I feel the worst thing in life is to end up around people that make you feel alone.

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