Another adventure with my mom and sister, and I am just trying to explain to Jas why there will always be a disconnect in my family dynamics.

The financial ramifications for men are crippling when they decide to divorce. Yikes! 

Seeing people discuss how marriage licenses should be given an expiration date like other types of makes sense in this day and age to consider this idea.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my past marriage and applying moving forward: There is a big difference between compromising in a relationship vs. compromising your self happiness.

Being in a relationship for a long time, and seeing that no two relationship have the same 'rules' are the constant traits I see in unconventional relationships.

You always hear people talk about compromise, but I feel most use the power of persuasion because compromising causes an inconvenience to someone's true desires.

July 14, 2019

#958 Joy And Pain

What a crazy weekend emotionally...seeing my daughter be in her utlimate happy state to seeing my mother in a debilitative state.

I have become more of a loner because I don't want to be bothered for favors, money or other things that doesn't inconvenience anyone but myself. People are selfish.

Rep. Robert Foster, stood by his decision to insist that reporter Larrison Campbell bring a male colleague if she wanted a “ride-along" on his campaign trail. I support this 100%.

Having a dog is a bigger responsibility than a kid at times, thus why I don't get how some owners don't provide the proper attention and care.

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